Working together to make a greater impact

The SDSU Foundation started in 1946 with just one employee. Seventy years later, our organization comprises a 16-member Board of Governors and 100+ member Council of Trustees who manage over $190 million in assets. SDSU created the Foundation to help SDSU—and our mutual interest in making SDSU the best it can be is unwavering.

The Foundation is the largest private funding resource for the University, and our donors’ gifts directly benefit SDSU. This support allows SDSU to impact greatness on campus when an opportunity arises and keep education affordable. To learn about our current funding priorities, read about our campus initiatives or view our organization priorities in our strategic plan.

How we apply gifts

When you make a donation, you decide how it’s used to help SDSU. The Foundation can help you make and manage your gift—ensuring it gets used how you intended. The Foundation also likes to recognize donors like you for your generosity. If you don’t designate your gift, we’ll apply it to SDSU’s highest priorities, which are determined by the Foundation in collaboration with our Board of Governors and the University. Learn more about what happens to your gift and about the Foundation team.

Demonstrated success

In 2013, the SDSU Foundation reported generating a record $255 million in donor support through our 6-year It Starts with STATE campaign. This campaign and all Foundation efforts significantly contribute to SDSU’s success. Learn more about recent successes on our newsfeed or read about our 2014 campaign.

Search giving opportunities.

Every gift makes an impact. Find a cause that speaks to you. Visit our giving form to search for a specific fund now.