Keith Jensen and V.J. Smith have once again left their mark on South Dakota State University. A piece of history was written when the two men signed their names on beams that will support the new Jensen-Smith Board Room. The conference space, named in honor of the two SDSU leaders, is currently being built on the second level of the new Alumni Center.

Jensen, a 1956 graduate, was the first full-time Executive Director of the Alumni Association. He was the principal fundraiser to construct the Tompkins Alumni Center in the mid-1970s. “The new Alumni Center represents a gigantic leap forward for our university. I urge all alumni to join in the effort, with gifts of any size, to help the Alumni Association and Foundation finish this project.” Smith ‘78 was the brainchild and chief researcher for The College on the Hill, a sense of SDSU history that he co-authored.

Smith was Executive Director from 1996 to 2006. "It's our new home with a fantastic front porch view of our shared common past intersecting with a limitless future. It's going to be an exciting place to relive great memories and make new ones. If it was a basketball arena, it would be considered "the best seat in the house."

The Alumni Center will be a very special addition to the SDSU campus. Better yet, it is an opportunity to honor some very special people. It’s not often that you can be a part of such a significant project and honor two individuals who have meant so much to our university at the same time.