Leave your mark.

A place to recognize our alumni, donors, individuals, families, and businesses who helped create this beautiful space and possessed a giving heart.

A hallmark of the Alumni Green project will be an expanded, revitalized green space in the shadow of the Campanile, on the west side of Medary Avenue. This will be a spot for all to enjoy with two continuous blocks of green space and a landscaped outdoor plaza.

This plaza will feature displays of the Campanile, Jackrabbit, and other iconic SDSU symbols carved into original limestone from the prior restoration of the Campanile. Personalized brass plaques on these 9 ½ feet tall by 5 ½ feet wide monuments provide a unique opportunity for people to memorialize why SDSU holds a special place in their hearts. 

For a gift of at least $1,000, your name will be permanently displayed on a bronze plaque that will frame these large monuments. 

Half of the 570 brass plaques available have already been claimed.

The brass plaques allow for 3 lines of text, with a maximum of 13 characters per line (including spaces).

Visitors will see the names of these individuals, families, and businesses who helped create this beautiful plaza and possessed a giving heart. Join us in a unique opportunity to reserve your spot and make a lasting mark on the Alumni Green. Your passion for SDSU will be remembered by your family, friends, and generations to come.


The Alumni Green is a place to celebrate what it means to be a Jackrabbit and over 720 alumni and friends are honoring their passion for SDSU through the project.