Jack Mohror - Almond Orchard

A natural-born hard-worker, State alum Jack Mohror worked several jobs while he pursued a degree in political science. Orphaned at 17, Jack was rich in mentors, who encouraged him to invest in property. After graduation, he moved to California and pursued their advice, purchasing several properties including farmland in Sutter County. Using an industry manual, Jack taught himself how to become an almond farmer.  

That 130-acre orchard is home to more than 15,000 trees today. To honor the legacy of his mentors and his SDSU education, Jack arranged to make a future gift of his almond orchard to SDSU.  

"I want to give back to SDSU because it provides a good education to students who, like me, are willing to work hard." - Jack Mohror

The gift will eventually provide scholarships for students at State, including those from his home area around Arlington, SD.

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