Transparency is important to us.

The Foundation takes pride in providing the maximum amount of donor support to the University. We’re proud to state that we operate with great efficiency, making this easier to do. In order to continue a culture of giving, investing in the development and administrative efforts of the Foundation is vital to the future of SDSU.

Administrative Fees

Depending on the type of gift made, certain administrative fees may be applied in order to fund the Foundation’s operations. We’re transparent about any fee involved with gifts, and are happy to share that information with you. Rates for these fees are reviewed annually by the Foundation’s Investment Committee and Budget and Finance Committee with oversight from the Board of Governors.  

When working with an SDSU Foundation team member, we will let you know if a gift has a fee associated with it. Contact us at any time for more information on our fee structure.

View our financial reports.

The Foundation is committed to financial transparency. Read our annual report, the Stately Review, to learn about the impact donors have on the University.