Thank you to all who donated during One Day for STATE 2017. Together, we raised $22,673 for the College of Pharmacy and Allied Health Professions from 125 donors in just 24 hours.

Gifts made during One Day for STATE have benefited student travel opportunities to local, regional, and national conferences. With support from One Day for STATE gifts, two SDSU students, Megan Schliesman and Meghan Perry, attended the 51st Kappa Epsilon National Convention that was held in New Orleans.

"Having the opportunity to attend a national convention of the Kappa Epsilon Pharmacy Fraternity was a highlight of my pharmacy experience thus far! I was honored to have been given the chance to represent our SDSU Chapter at a national level. We were able to attend many speakers, build lasting foundations with other members, and accept a national award on behalf of our chapter. Thank you for your support of our organization and for allowing us opportunities like these."

>> Megan Schliesman, SDSU Pharmacy student

Kappa Epsilon is a Professional Pharmacy Fraternity grounded on the principles of advancing the pharmacy profession and building lasting bonds between its members.

The mission of Kappa Epsilon is to empower its members to achieve personal and professional fulfillment by developing their confidence, self-esteem, interpersonal skills, and leadership vision; and represent the interests of the membership to health-care professionals and the community-at-large.