Goodales Establish Prestigious Scholarship for Senior Nursing Student

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In her 25 years as a case manager, JoAnn had an impact on countless lives.  She was determined to continue making an impact, this time on the lives of senior nursing students at SDSU.

As a certified nurse case manager, JoAnn Goodale worked with patients who suffered catastrophic illnesses or long-term injuries, taking them from the time they were hospitalized until they were ready to return to activity.

As a case manager, she dealt with the patient’s family, helped with finances and worked on finding the accommodations that would need to be made when the patient left the hospital.

In her 25 years as a case manager, JoAnn had an impact on countless lives. While she jokes that she has retired from her profession for the fourth time, JoAnn was determined to continue making an impact, this time on the lives of senior nursing students at SDSU.

JoAnn, a 1959 nursing graduate, and her husband Gene, a 1957 civil engineering graduate, decided to create a $100,000 endowment to provide an annual $4,000 scholarship.

“It’s not based strictly on grades. They have to have leadership qualities besides good grades.”

>> JoAnn Goodale

The scholarship is reserved for a senior working toward a bachelor’s degree in nursing or a student in the final year of the graduate nursing program. In addition to leadership skills, the student needs to demonstrate a vision for the future of nursing, be involved in community projects and have a willingness to advance the profession of nursing.

JoAnn said the scholarship was limited to seniors for a reason. A freshman or sophomore may have a change of heart, she said, but seniors “know where they’re going.”

The Goodales have a generous history with SDSU, moving into the Ethel Austin Martin Society for lifetime giving of $500,000 to $999,999. They funded the ROTC Confidence Course, the Waterfall Garden at McCrory Gardens and the Steinway piano that resides in Woodbine Cottage. They have also been longtime sponsors of scholarships, including the Jackrabbit Guarantee.

JoAnn was now determined to endow a scholarship large enough to have an impact on the recipient’s life. “I know that could make a significant difference in that student’s life,” JoAnn said of the $4,000 scholarship.

The first recipient, Karissa Hielkema of Sibley, Iowa, agrees that the scholarship made a significant difference in her life. Active in the Nursing Student Association and the Pride of the Dakotas marching band, Karissa still tried to make it home every few weeks to earn some money working at the local nursing home. 

“By receiving the Goodale Scholarship, so much financial stress was eased. I was able to spend my senior year more focused on finishing nursing school strong and dedicating time to the Nursing Student Association instead of worrying about running home and working a weekend to pay for next month’s rent.”

>> Karissa Hielkema, First Recipient of the Goodale Scholarship

In keeping with the requirements of the scholarship, Karissa has a clear vision for the future of nursing.

“I think the future of nursing is pointed toward prevention,” Karissa said. “I would love to be a part of the growing field of nurses who are taking action in the homes, workplaces and schools to teach about disease prevention and management in hopes of keeping people in the community healthier.”

When Dean Nancy Fahrenwald looks to the future, she sees the impact the Goodale Scholar Scholarship is going to make on her students.

“The high standards set by this generous scholarship are likely to elevate the performance of our students,” Dean Fahrenwald said. “I expect keen competition for the Goodale Scholarship for years to come.”

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