Nargiza Mukhidinova


Hospitality Management



What motivates you to excel at SDSU?

The challenge motivates me. I'm an international student and want to be at the same level as local students. I want to be the best at everything because I study in such a wonderful place.

How does education help you reach your goals and aspirations?

I want to be involved in tourism and the acquirement of American culture is the first step for my target. The very high level of an SDSU education will help me to try many opportunities. In my future, I want to work with my country to promote Uzbekistan to Americans and vice versa because it's very important to learn new cultures.

How do scholarships impact your experience at SDSU and your future?

A scholarship will give me an opportunity to achieve more as it will be some kind award for my work. I'm trying my best now already, but to get an award is a very high stimulus to perform much better.

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