Invest in the education of future generations.

Endowment funds are long-term investments that provide perpetual support to students, faculty, and programs. They allow you to preserve funding for a program that speaks to your values for generations to come. 

By establishing an endowment program or scholarship, your gift can impact SDSU students and faculty for years to come—even infinitely. Funding your endowment in your family name or in honor of a significant person or organization allows you to build a lasting legacy and inspires others to give.

You can create an endowment with a minimum investment of $50,000 through a one-time gift or through installments over a five-year period, either now or as a deferred gift.

If you’re not sure where to give, we recommended creating an unrestricted endowment. This allows the University to act on new opportunities to make SDSU even better. It also helps SDSU and the Foundation plan for the future and demonstrates financial strength to other potential donors.

You can make a lasting impact. Join our circle of more than 1,500 South Dakota State University supporters who have established an endowment.

Frequently asked questions

How do the SDSU Foundation’s endowments work?

Typically, an endowment lives in perpetuity, but those who establish a named endowment can set its lifespan. Individual endowment funds with the Foundation are pooled together for investment purposes, yet each endowment maintains its own identity and separate accounting. Donors and their successors may receive an annual report of earnings and distributions. Earnings from the pool are allocated to each fund based on a weighted average calculation. Amounts available for distribution are calculated annually using a spending formula consisting of a percentage of each fund’s average market value over a period of time.

Who manages the SDSU Foundation’s endowment pool?

An Investment Committee, comprised of members of the SDSU Foundation Council of Trustees with investment and financial experience, is appointed by the Foundation's Board of Governors. The committee works closely with professional investment advisors to maintain a diversified asset allocation to maximize long-term total return, within acceptable levels of risk. The advisors also help select the actual investment managers utilized across the various asset classes. The Committee recommends a prudent spending policy to the Board which considers many factors, including general economic conditions, the possible effect of inflation and deflation and expected long-term total return from income and appreciation of investments.

How can I fund an endowment?

There are several ways to fund an endowment.

  • You may provide a one-time gift of at least $50,000 in cash or marketable assets such as securities or real estate.
  • You can give through installment payments paid within a five-year period.
  • You can use other funding methods, such as a deferred gift activated by your will, a trust or other planned gifts to provide future support.

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