The land is your legacy.  SDSU understands that because it’s our legacy too.  

We’ve taught generations of young women and men how to work the land.  We’ve researched new methods so farmers and ranchers can succeed in a global marketplace.  We’ve helped rural families and communities thrive.

By making SDSU a partner in preserving your legacy, you ensure that future generations benefit.  Your gift of land can support scholarships, research, athletics, and academic programs in areas most important to you.

Perhaps you want to provide for your heirs while also supporting students at SDSU.  Maybe the farm is more responsibility than you want in this stage of your life, yet you need an income.  Maybe you find yourself without a planned recipient of the land that has become your legacy. 

The SDSU Foundation can help make sure your financial and personal goals are met to preserve your family’s heritage and make an impact at SDSU for future generations of Jackrabbits.

“The University’s mission as an 1862 land-grant institution remains the same: to be a beacon of opportunity, providing access to higher education, championing the creation of knowledge and understanding, and continuously expanding the University’s reach. It starts with the land.”

>>Barry H. Dunn, South Dakota State University’s 20th President

Choose the gifting option that's best for you.

There are a number of ways to donate your gift of land, crops, and equipment to SDSU.  Your gift may include the acreage itself, or perhaps what it yields or the machinery that has been used.  Whether you are looking for tax advantages, an income, to provide for your heirs, or to be relieved of the responsibilities of property ownership, the SDSU Foundation has the staff and expertise to set up a gifting solution that fulfills your needs.


An outright gift may be the simplest method of transferring land to SDSU.  Your land will be assessed for its potential as rental for a continuing stream of income or for resale for an immediate impact on SDSU programs.

  • Make an immediate impact at SDSU
  • Bypass capital gains tax
  • May receive a reduction in estate taxes with the reduction in assets
  • Eliminate burdens of property ownership


A charitable lead trust allows you to provide the earnings of your land to SDSU for a period of years, while ultimately retaining ownership for yourself and your heirs.

  • Make an immediate impact at SDSU
  • Receive an income tax deduction
  • Based on your goals:
    • The land can be gifted to your heirs, along with a reduction in estate and gift taxes; or
    • The land can be returned to you or your estate after the term is complete.


Using a return income arrangement relieves you of ownership responsibility while paying you a reliable income for life or for a set period.

  • Receive an income tax deduction
  • Collect an income
  • Bypass capital gains tax
  • Eliminate burdens of property ownership


A life estate arrangement allows you to use the land throughout your lifetime while receiving substantial tax benefits.

  • Receive an income tax deduction
  • Reduce taxable estate
  • Maintain use of the land throughout your lifetime


By leaving a gift of land to SDSU in your estate plans, you can provide a legacy that lasts beyond your lifetime.

  • Provide future planned support to SDSU
  • Based on your goals, your gift can:
    • Provide income to heirs while relieving them of property ownership;
    • Provide income to SDSU for a period of years before eventually returning property ownership to your heirs; and/or
    • Reduce estate and inheritance taxes.

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