You decide where your donation goes.

When you make a gift, you choose how you want it to impact SDSU. If you give through our online form, simply leave a note indicating how you want it to be used. It’s that easy. You can do the same when sending donations by mail or over the phone. Once we receive your contribution, we’ll send you a receipt confirming it got to the right place.

If you don't designate a gift, the Foundation—along with SDSU leadership and the Foundation's Board of Governors—will use your generosity to make a difference right now. The University is always working to improve many areas simultaneously, and these types of gifts help SDSU’s areas of highest need.

We are grateful to donors like you who have helped make us a financially strong organization. SDSU relies on support from individuals, which is why we’re always transparent regarding how we use donor gifts. We indicate specific use on donor receipts and provide a high-level overview in our annual report, the Stately Review.

The Foundation takes pride in providing the maximum amount of donor support to the University. We invite you to learn more about how we fund our operations.

Frequently asked questions

How do I know my wishes will be followed?

Maintaining donor intent is of the utmost importance to the SDSU Foundation. We want to make sure that you are able to make a significant impact on the University, preferably in an area that you’re passionate about. Many funds, programs and gifts are governed by an SDSU Foundation Memorandum of Agreement, which clearly states the donors’ intentions for that funding. The SDSU Foundation and all offices in the University that will play a role in the use of the gift maintain copies of the agreement.

Why is the Foundation separate from the University?

Our centralized organization provides efficiency and these benefits are passed on to our donors. When you partner with the SDSU Foundation, you’ll work with people who not only work directly with SDSU, but are also experts in the private funding process. Not only do we reduce costs through our organization, but we also are able to keep donor designated gifts distinct from public funds, ensuring donor intent, confidentiality, accurate disbursements and compliance. This also allows us to track lifetime giving amounts, so that we can appropriately thank, recognize and appreciate our donors and build lasting relationships.

Search giving opportunities.

To support a specific cause, browse opportunities or leave us a note on our online giving form. If you have questions, visit our section on how to give or contact us for more information.