Celebrating a Culture of Giving.

The growing culture of giving continues to transform our university.  Thousands of students receive scholarship funds.  State of the art facilities enhance the campus landscape.  Lives are changed as a result of groundbreaking research.  With the help of our donors, SDSU has become the great university that it is today. 

That is something worth celebrating.

Donor Celebration

The SDSU Foundation showcased student performances in dance, theatre, choir and band in a 90-minute Donor Celebration that honored some of the university’s most generous and impactful benefactors.

The event was held April 25 in the 850-seat theatre of The Oscar Larson Performing Arts Center, which was named after the family of the largest benefactor of the $55 million expansion. The Foundation now has 1,882 donors with lifetime giving and commitments that range from $25,000 to more than $20 million.

“INSPIRING DREAMS” weaved stories of visionary ideas and bold decisions that have helped transform the university since its founding in 1881. Those stories included the vision and funding to build the Campanile, the dream of a new performing arts center and the courage to move to Division I and launch the Jackrabbit Guarantee scholarship program.

“Each of the decisions, actions and achievements we heard about tonight laid the foundation for the next,” said Rita Edwards, a 1981 graduate and current member of the Council of Trustees who helped push for the new Performing Arts Center. “Each one should give us an appreciation for the bold ideas, the lofty dreams and the vision, which is ultimately matched by the tenacity, generosity and grit to make it all possible. For nearly 140 years, this university has continued to inspire dreams.”

President Barry Dunn honored the Al and Irene Kurtenbach family as the 2019 Philanthropic Family of the Year. Al and Kurtenbach have contributed $3.7  million to SDSU. Daktronics, the company that Al Kurtenbach co-founded, has committed another $4.8 million. The family has earned 14 degrees from SDSU. Nine of those have been in the field of engineering.

“If SDSU mapped out its family tree, the Kurtenbachs would command a very sizeable branch,” President Dunn said.

“Just listening to the stories and the motivation of your generosity humbles me as the President, and inspires me as a proud alum,” President Dunn said. “Either by word or inference, family is weaved into so many of the stories. We have parents, children, and siblings, that are being honored separately for lifetime giving. The program is full of family members that forged their own individual paths of giving to SDSU.”

The 2020 Donor Celebration has been scheduled for April 30.

Giving Societies

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