Thank you to the 2,138 donors who rose to the challenge during One for STATE. Together, we raised $574,445 for Jackrabbits!

Alumni, donors, friends, and students joined forces to support SDSU and unlock all challenge funds, even after we zoomed past the initial goal of 1,300 donors by 7 pm. In fact, 268 students donated a total of $1,872 on One Day for STATE, unlocking an additional $10,000 for student access scholarships, thanks to the Greg and Pam Sands challenge.

The transformational day ended that evening with a picture-perfect night at the Yellow and Blue Block Party. In the shadow of the Campanile, thousands of Jackrabbit friends and families came together to celebrate One Day for STATE.

Take a moment to think of all the new opportunities that will be available because of One Day for STATE. It wouldn't have been possible without YOU, our loyal Jackrabbit supporters.

With One Day for STATE being a new tradition at SDSU, we look forward to building upon it in the years to come. We would love to hear about your experience – what went well and what could use a little fine-tuning? Tell us what you think by taking this short survey.​

As President Dunn said, "I give because they are worth the investment." One Day for STATE 2018 proved he's not alone in that belief. The Jackrabbit passion and support shown during the 24-hour celebration was nothing short of extraordinary.

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