Abigail Schauer


Ecology and Environmental Science

What do you look forward to at SDSU?

I look forward to participating in many of the activities and opportunities that SDSU has to offer. Starting the journey to the rest of my life and career is an exciting experience, and I look forward to becoming an expert in my chosen field of Ecology and Environmental Science.

How does receiving scholarship support benefit you?

Receiving this scholarship support benefits me enormously. With the gift of this money, furthering my education becomes more accessible, and I am able to start preparing myself to pursue my dream career. This lightening of financial burdens helps me to focus on more important aspects, helping me to succeed in my studies.

Why did you choose SDSU?

I chose SDSU because everything about the college made me feel at home. Every single person I encountered was kind and welcoming. I want to be a part of this community and this college because of the great atmosphere and impressive education. Overall, I chose SDSU because I can picture myself thriving in all that I pursue here.

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