Alec Weber




Agricultural Business and Precision Agriculture

Please explain your career goals

I hope to be involved in production agriculture as a field agronomist and part-time farmer.

What motivates you to excel at SDSU?

My faith and family are the main drivers of my motivation here at SDSU. They are the reason why I am pursuing a bachelors degree in  Agronomy and not settling for mediocrity in my academics, career, personal character, or faith life. I want to be the best possible version of myself because the people around me and the opportunities I have been blessed with are worth the effort.

How does education help you reach your goals and aspirations?

I firmly believe that commitment to continual learning is the key to unlocking future potential. Education does not begin and end with a lecture and a diploma. My education here at SDSU has actually taught me the importance of slowing down, focusing on what is really important, and to never be too busy "learning" to actually learn something. This allows me to focus on the goals that I am meant to attain and not simply the ones I want to attain.

How do scholarships impact your experience at SDSU and your future?

Scholarships are the backbone of my family's financial responsibility. It has been through the generosity of scholarship donors that I have thankfully not begun to drown under thousands of dollars of student loan debt. Simply, it would not be possible for my family and me to start off on the right foot if we had an extremely large debt looming over us. It makes the hope of us having children sometime in the near future a little less intimidating. Thank you again!

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