Elizabeth Paul


Family Nurse Practitioner (DNP)

What motivates you to excel at SDSU?

SDSU demands a great deal of professionalism, motivation, dedication, passion, and responsibility. This demand inspires me to work harder to meet this expectation so that I can better serve my profession and community. This demand motivates me to do my best within my time at SDSU so that I can do my best after my time at SDSU.

How does education help you reach your goals and aspirations?

I want to be able to use my experience and education to make a difference within South Dakota and its healthcare system.

How do scholarships impact your experience at SDSU and your future?

I am a Registered Nurse during the day and a wife, mother, and student at night. I juggle many different hats on a daily basis that could interfere with my studying. Scholarships allow me to shift my focus from worrying about paying for graduate school to working on my studies so I can better serve my community in the future. 

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