Lezlie Pommer





Please explain your career goals

Once completing my undergrad here at SDSU, I plan to apply for internships to become a  dietitian, along with going on to complete my master's degree as well. Once done with school, I would like to focus my degree on either the clinical or obstetrics side of being a dietitian.

What motivates you to excel at SDSU?

One thing that motivates me to excel at SDSU is that I am a first­ generation college student in my family. Being a first ­generation college student makes me realize the opportunities of furthering a higher education. I am also involved in the DHS club on campus, which has enhanced my college experience by providing information on my choice of major, internships, and hearing from professors and graduate students from within my program.

How does education help you reach your goals and aspirations?

Receiving a higher education here at SDSU is helping me reach my goals and aspirations of becoming a Registered Dietitian. By receiving an education, I have been able to determine what degree I would like to pursue. I have also learned about certain areas of specialization within my choice of major that I did not know existed.

How do scholarships impact your experience at SDSU and your future?

Scholarships help impact both my experience and future here at SDSU because pursuing a higher education would be difficult without them. I come from a family of seven children, and I am also a first­-generation college student. By aiding with the finances of tuition, I am still able to enjoy clubs, organizations, games and many other activities provided by the school. Scholarships help me to balance not only my academics but also my work and social schedules so that I can still enjoy the many other opportunities SDSU has to offer.

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