Sanne de Bruijn


Dairy Production and Dairy Manufacturing


Agricultural Business and Food Safety

Please explain your career goals

I would like to manage/own a large dairy operation and work with high-end genetic dairy cows.

What motivates you to excel at SDSU?

My motivation to excel at SDSU is my bright future. I have had my heart set on the industry and field I want to be a part of ever since I was little. Now that I am a college student, it is my "time to shine" and make those dreams and plans to become successful at SDSU and in the dairy industry come true.

How does education help you reach your goals and aspirations?

Education helps me reach my goals and aspirations as it fine tunes both my personal and professional skills. Education is all a part of the learning process. Without it, I would not acquire the skills I need to be successful in the dairy industry. I take my education very seriously and will try to learn as much as I can before I finish my studies here at South Dakota State University to prepare myself for a bright future.

How do scholarships impact your experience at SDSU and your future?

Scholarships greatly impact my studies here at SDSU. I am not able to apply for FAFSA or other financial aids because I am originally from the Netherlands and am not a U.S. citizen. With the help of scholarships, I am able to more easily afford my tuition cost and I can focus more on my education, rather than worrying about extra expenses. Every scholarship is incredibly helpful and I take them very seriously as I pursue my studies.

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